Choosing the Right Type of Towbar

Choosing the correct towbar is paramount for a safe towing experience. Different towbars are rated to carry/pull different weights. An under-rated towbar can crack or snap if overloaded.

We supply and fit a range of towbars, something to suit every application.

Class 2, or Standard, towbars are used for basic lightweight towing; a 6x4 trailer carrying garden materials, waste products, furniture or tools. They are commonly rated up to a 1250kg carry limit.

Class 3 towbars are similar to the Class 2; they are for lightweight towing, rated up to 1600kg. The advantage of the class 3, is that it comes with a removable Trailer Ball mount. This allows you to store the ball away when not in use, minimising towbar protrusion from the vehicle.

Class 4, or Heavy Duty, towbars are designed for heavyweight towing, and are a must if you’re towing large trailers, a caravan or a boat. They’re usually rated to the vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. The Class 4 also features the removable Trailer Ball mount.

Make sure you talk to us about your towing intentions so we can help you select the right hitch and towbar.

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