The Nitro 80 MAXX is an excellent all-rounder, giving a balance of width and distance. Equipped 19 LumiLED LED’s Contrl® optic, the 80W MAXX delivers exceptional output for its size. The proven housing design and 4mm stainless steel bracket ensure that wherever you’re going, your MAXX’s will get you home safely.

Being only 7” allows the Nitro 80 to be used where the bigger 9” lights may interfere with radars, sensors or the bullbar. Additionally, the slim design allows for fitment to really awkward OE bars with very narrow mounting platforms.

The Nitro 80 MAXX gives you all the performance power of it’s big brothers, the Nitro 180 & 140 Maxx in a compact package.


The Nitro 140 is the most slim version of a high powered 9” driving light available. With 2 beam options of Wide and Combo you can decide on 160° of width with a distance of 1km, or 100° of width and 1.2km distance.

Both lamps use the legendary Control optic which ensures the light goes exactly where it’s meant to go and so whichever you choose, we are convinced that the performance of this lamp will make sure you don’t feel like you’re travelling in the dark ever again.

With a contoured rear design, the Nitro 140’s can fit almost every bullbar available on the market, including OE aluminium versions. With polycarbonate lens and lens covers, 4mm stainless steel brackets and stainless steel fixings, you can be assured the Nitro 140’s are in this for the long haul.


The Nitro 180 sets an entirely new standard for performance in LED driving lights achieving 1 lux at 1.8km.

In addition a hi/lo function reduces the power to 20% for more built-up areas or when approaching traffic is still a long way off.

The body has been designed to reduce depth and weight, so as to increase fitment options. The lenses are made from hardened polycarbonate and the bracket from 4mm stainless steel. However from the drivers perspective the real science is the combination of the LED’s and the optics.

The sophisticated Contrl optics condense the light by reducing non-functional stray beams. Coupled with a high efficiency Luxeon LED they produce performance that is unmatched internationally.


For years, Ultra-Vision have been providing Australian off-roaders with the absolute pinnacle in LED Light Bars. Ultra-Vision exceptional range had combined the outstanding performance that you need when you’re on the trail, with the toughness and durability to withstand anything that you or Mother Nature can throw at them.

With Ultra-Vision new Hi/Lo functionality, the Nitro Maxx Light Bar range now gives you additional flexibility in all types of driving conditions.

Ultra-Vision spectacular new range of LED Light Bars will redefine your 4-Wheel Driving experience.

Outstanding brightness and visibility, coupled with the toughest construction around and the reliability that you’ve come to expect from Ultra-Vision to provide you with ultimate in automotive lighting.


Not every vehicle is designed for off-road use or has a bull bar. However, driving lights have evolved for this market making it difficult to fit them to standard vehicles without compromising the original style and compliance of the vehicle. This poses a problem for many drivers who need auxiliary lighting.

The Nitro Smart has been designed to give all drivers the opportunity of improving visibility and safety whilst driving, without affecting the OE image of your vehicle.

Nitro Smart allows seamless integration with almost any vehicle – whether they have a bull bar or not. Being ECE approved allows the lamp to be used in conjunction with the primary functions of the vehicle.