Milford Roof Racks

EcoRack Craftsman

EcoRack Craftsman is easily mounted to utilities and its heavy duty crossbars will handle the toughest load carrying requirements. The advanced, light weight, yet rugged design offers low cost & a rapid pay-back period.

•Fast fitment – no drilling required
•Dampened mountings eliminate damage to the utility tub
•Ultra heavy duty, hi-load Crossbars
•Corrosion free, heavy-duty anodised aluminium construction with stainless steel fasteners
•Light weight, high load capacity – saves fuel!
•Sliding, quick lock cargo stops included at no cost

EcoRack Construction

EcoRack Construction handles the largest of loads and thanks to its modular design is extremely economical to purchase.

EcoRack Construction’s unique design eliminates vehicle fatigue issues by maintaining the cab and tub as seperate units while still allowing for long loads to be carried thanks to its long length, over cab design.

•Fast fitment – no drilling required
•Dampened mountings eliminate damage to the utility tub
•Heavy duty, multiple crossbar design allows maximum support
•Full length high capacity side rails
•Aerodynamic profile reduces fuel consumption & minimises wind noise
•Corrosion free, lightweigt, anodised aluminium construction with stainless steel fasteners
•Lightweight ladder roller included at no cost
•Optional Quick Clamp ladder lock also available


Milford’s award winning ErgoRack™ is the answer to easy ladder transportation. Both ergonomically and economically, it’s the sensible solution for ladder transportation. Best of all, ErgoRack™ is so easy to use.

ErgoRack™ is operated from the ground, so there’s no need to lift heavy loads above your shoulders or climb onto the roof, Tow Bar or bumper to load your ladder; which is great news for the long-term health of your lower back and shoulders. And the auto clamp feature automatically restrains ladders for safe transport – how easy is that?

The ErgoRack™ features a lightweight, powder coated aluminium design that allows a big payload to be carried on top of the rack.

Designed for commercial use, this is one set of roof racks you can’t do without.

EcoRack Accessories

Aluminium Conduit Carriers

Crash tested aluminium conduit tube (2-5m long x 125mm x 125mm) offers great security as it’s fully lockable and provides greater load area and durability than traditional poly tube systems.

Ladder Rollers

Ecorack’s Ladder Roller makes for easy loading and unloading of long objects from the rear of the vehicle.

Load Platforms

Aluminium ribbed platform profiles can be mounted on top of the crossbars to form a cargo platform (length 2-5 m, width 17cm)

Cargo Stops

Adjustable cargostops for Ecorack Cargo are designed to fix long objects onto the roof rack